Boat of choice:

If i am doing an exploration type expedition with friends: SKUK Explorer, Valley Nordkapp
If I am doing a faster trip with friends or solo: SKUK Quantum, Rockpool Taran

Paddles of choice: Streamlyte Kinetic, Streamlyte Glide (Wing)
Favourite Areas:
Scotland West Coast, IRELAND, Cornwall

Sea kayaks are made for expeditioning and going to far away places.
Sea kayaks can access hard to reach areas because of their shallow drafts and smaller size. Sea kayaks are also very quiet which makes them perfect for spotting wildlife and things which are trying to hide.

A few hundred years ago sea kayaks were used by the Aleut and Inuit peoples for hunting, transporting and traveling long distances. Even though our kayaks are made from modern materials and have been designed on CAD and cut by machines, we owe the heritage and history to those ancient times.
Some folk still love the skin on frame and Greenland style paddles.
Whilst on expedition, things are simpler and we become one with the natural environment. For me it is one of my happiest times. If the trip can be shared with friends and loved ones that is amazing!

Sea kayaks can be loaded with a lot of gear and food and paddlers can escape for a night or even for a lifetime.

Its very important to use the correct gear and have the knowledge to plan and make the right judgement on many factors during a day.

From 2015 to now I have taken part in the following expeditions:
-Scarba and Jura Expediton
-Skye, canna and Rhum Expedtion
-Around Cornwall
-Multiple Scillies trips
-The Roof of Britain Ultra 620 miles around Scotland, Check out my article on the other page
-Ireland Circumnavigation, 26 days, check out my article in the Paddler Ezine Mag and from March 2020 on this website.

During 2020 I am studying to be a Counselor/Therapist and my plan is to work with folks with Trauma based and drug and alcohol altered personalities and conditions. I would love to encourage others to explore the benefits of being so close to nature and ones physical self.

The Big Plan 2019



Ireland in 26 days, anticlockwise, starting and finishing in Scotland