Boat of choice: SKUK Explorer, SKUK Quantum
Paddles of choice: Vertical Element Voyager. Vertical Element Wing S
Favourite areas: Scotland West Coast

What is it?

Some sea kayaks are made to go the distance, they are made to be loaded up and taken to far away places. Lots of food can be packed into a sea kayak. Its also easy to pack too much! Heavy boats are slow. Week long trips are relatively easy to achieve.

In Scotland there are lots of coastal Bothies to stay in and lots of remote beaches. Its easy to lose ones self in the islands and make friends with sea otters, seals and dolphins. Whale sightings are becoming more common in the UK and when we are in remote areas we are more likely to see them.

Keep your eyes on the Paddler Magazine: https://thepaddlermag.com/

Ill be submitting articles, area guides and expedition tips over the next couple of years.

I live in Plymouth, Devon and I can paddle from a slipway five minutes from my house. Last year, I paddled from Plymouth to Polzeath in three days. That was a great trip!

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The Big Plan 2019


I am hoping for good weather this August. I have planned Ireland and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of amazing places and meeting lots of people. Ill be offshore- headland hopping and coming ashore to camp in remote locations. This is looking like its going to be an amazing trip