Boat of choice: SKUK Explorer, SKUK Quantum
Paddles of choice: Vertical Element Voyager. Vertical Element Wing S
Favourite areas: Scotland West Coast

What is it?

Some sea kayaks are made to go the distance, they are made to be loaded up and taken to far away places. Lots of food can be packed into a sea kayak. Week long trips are relatively easy to achieve. I like to move quite quickly in my boats but an average speed of four knots for me is good. Four knots is still very slow in regards to relative pace, distance and time and because sea kayaks glide and are quiet, its really common to see marine and wildlife. Dolphins are getting more and more common in UK waters and they are building trust with kayakers.

I love the west coast of Scotland and diversity and remoteness of some of those areas. Living in Cornwall and Devon I find it amazing how the environment and temperature changes so much, just by going a few hundred miles north.

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